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You never know when you will have to sell your house and move to a new place, but unfortunately, that was what I was faced with a few years back. I realized that I was really having a difficult time making ends meet, and so I started evaluating my options. Moving and relocating was simple, and I was really focused on saving cash. I found a cheaper apartment that worked well for my needs, and I began cutting out extra expenses to pare down the spending. I wanted to start a new website all about moving without the mayhem, so I made this little blog.



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How To Make The Most Of The Space In A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit

by Erika Bell

Does your climate-controlled self-storage unit come with a limited amount of square footage? Make the most of your rental and take a look at the easy ways to turn a would-be small storage unit into something that seems spacious.

Use Plastic Bins

Cardboard boxes are inexpensive storage containers. You can get these boxes for free from some grocery stores and retailers or recycle the packaging from electronics or appliances. Using these boxes is inexpensive. But they can also quickly collapse.

Vertical stacking is one of the easiest ways to save space in storage. With cardboard, the possibility of damage can put your climate-sensitive items at risk. Instead of cardboard, choose plastic storage bins. These containers keep their shape, providing a safe layer of protection around your for-storage items.

Start with a rental unit-friendly option—the clear bin. Clear storage bins allow you to easily see what's inside. This makes it easy to find items you need to remove from storage or organize your stash. If you have light-sensitive items (such as artwork or paper documents), avoid this type of clear option.

Take Apart Furniture

Wood furniture is a popular pick for climate-controlled storage. Without the right temperature or humidity level, wood furniture can warp, rot, or crack.

How can you save space in storage unit filled with wooden furniture? Dismantle the furniture (when possible) to add extra area. If you're not sure whether you can take apart the item or not, ask the manufacturer or consult a manual. Some pieces may not have directions. When you're in doubt, leave the item as-is.

Store Items in Furniture

Can you still save space if it's not possible to dismantle the furniture? While breaking down the larger items into smaller sized pieces is an ideal option, you can still save space and organize the storage unit. Instead of boxes, bins, or bags, use drawers to store smaller belongings. This strategy is more than just a space-saving idea. Drawer storage also allows you to keep light-sensitive items out of sight.

Even though dresser and table drawers can double as storage containers, the same isn't true of each item's top. Never use the surface of a dresser or table to hold other items, especially if the furniture is wood, leather, or another sensitive material. The pressure from the items can damage the surface of the dresser/table over time in storage. This can result in cracks, marks, or discoloration.