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Moving Without The Mayhem

Putting Your RV Up For A Long Period Of Time? 2 Tips To Keep It Protected

by Erika Bell

If you have an RV that you are putting up for a long time you simply cannot park it and walk away. There are things you must do to keep the RV protected or you will have a lot of problems with it when you are ready to use it again. Below are two tips so can be sure your RV will be ready to travel when you are.

Prepare the RV for Storage

Before you put the RV in storage you need to prepare it first. Remove the batteries and take the batteries home with you. Keep the batteries in a cool and dry place, such as inside your home somewhere or in an air-conditioned garage. Check the power to the batteries periodically and if the power drops below approximately 80 to 70 percent then recharge the batteries until they are at full charge. You do not want the batteries to get to zero percent as they will flood and will then need to be replaced.

You should also fill the tank full of gas and when doing so add a fuel stabilizer to the tank. Once you add the stabilizer run the engine until the RV heats up. This will help the stabilizer mix in with the fuel. The fuel stabilizer you choose will give you information about this. 

Change the oil and filter before you put the RV in storage and check the radiator to ensure it has the right amount of antifreeze. The RV's owner's manual will give you information about how much antifreeze there should be in the radiator, as well as the type of antifreeze to use if you need to add more.

Find RV Storage

Instead of leaving your RV parked at home, you should consider putting it in storage. This will help keep the RV safe and in better shape. When looking for a storage facility make sure the facility is secure, such as has a security system installed and the facility is well lit at night. There should be covered areas to park RVs. These covered areas may also have sides, so the entire RV is protected from the elements. There are some storage facilities that specialize in RV storage.

Putting your RV in a storage facility will also prevent mice and insects from getting inside the RV and causing damage. If the only place you have to park the RV at home is near trees, tree sap and bird droppings will damage the exterior of your RV. You also never know if your RV will be stolen or vandalized if left at your home.

Talk with several RV covered storage facilities in your area to find the one that will work best for you.