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You never know when you will have to sell your house and move to a new place, but unfortunately, that was what I was faced with a few years back. I realized that I was really having a difficult time making ends meet, and so I started evaluating my options. Moving and relocating was simple, and I was really focused on saving cash. I found a cheaper apartment that worked well for my needs, and I began cutting out extra expenses to pare down the spending. I wanted to start a new website all about moving without the mayhem, so I made this little blog.



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Moving Without The Mayhem

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Find Out What You Can Do To Help Ensure An Accurate Moving Estimate

Staying on budget can be very important for many people when moving from one home to another. That is why it is so important to ensure you get an accurate moving estimate before hiring a specific moving company. After all, suddenly finding yourself facing a much larger moving bill than expected can quickly wreak havoc on your budget. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure the estimate you receive is as accurate as possible.

Getting Ready To Move Locally? 4 Tips For Getting It Right

When it comes to a local move, where you are moving within an hour of your current home, in the same town or area, it can be easy to put off the moving process and assume that just because you are moving locally, that you do not need to plan for your move. That is not true; regardless of whether you are moving across town, the state, or the country, moving requires preparation and time.

Five Tips For A Smooth Office Move

It can be both exciting and stressful to relocate to a new office location. Aside from hiring new employees, relocating your business is likely the most stressful task that you will encounter as a small business owner. For that reason, you may delay it and stay in an expensive and/or cramped space. When the time comes to relocate, follow these tips for a smooth move. Plan the Move Early A business move requires extensive planning and preparation.

Check How Your Items Will Be Handled During A Long-Distance Move

Making sure that all your items will be moved safely may not be possible to do alone when you're getting ready for a long-distance move. If you're moving farther than you're comfortable driving, you'll need to see if a moving company is going to be the right fit instead. As such, you should understand how to look for movers that can handle the distance and any services you could need as this can help you make a much more informed decision.

How To Make The Most Of The Space In A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit

Does your climate-controlled self-storage unit come with a limited amount of square footage? Make the most of your rental and take a look at the easy ways to turn a would-be small storage unit into something that seems spacious. Use Plastic Bins Cardboard boxes are inexpensive storage containers. You can get these boxes for free from some grocery stores and retailers or recycle the packaging from electronics or appliances. Using these boxes is inexpensive.

Working With A Moving Company To Make Your Next Move

Moving is never a lot of fun, and for some people, moving on their own is not an option. Hiring a moving company to move your belongings to a new home can offer some benefits, and for some people, the cost of hiring the movers and the truck is worth it.  Planning Your Move It is a good idea to plan ahead and book your movers several months early if you can.

3 Things You Must Do For A Less-Exhausting Moving Process

Are you getting ready to move to another state? Do you feel like you have everything ready, you just need to get your stuff to the new location? No matter how much planning you've already done, there's a good chance that you may have forgotten or overlooked something that will be important to the overall moving process. This is something that happens to just about everyone. To try to avoid potential hiccups caused by this, here are some things that you really should at least seriously consider doing for your upcoming move.

Moving Your Outdoor Life From One State To The Other: Things To Consider Before You Move

For most homeowners, the space that they have beyond the boundaries of the walls of their home is just as valuable as the space inside. If you enjoy your backyard, patio, or porch, you likely have a fair amount of outdoor living items to contend with if you are deciding to move. One of the most reasonable tips to remember before moving out of state is to purge as much as you possibly can, and this includes the stuff you have outside of your home.

3 Critical Tips For An Easier Long Distance Move

Have you been offered a job in another state? Are you thinking about turning the job down because you'll have to deal with packing up and moving to a new state? There are many good reasons for turning down a job offer but the actual move itself shouldn't have to be one. There are a number of things that you can do to help make the move easier on yourself and any family that will be moving along with you.

Putting Your RV Up For A Long Period Of Time? 2 Tips To Keep It Protected

If you have an RV that you are putting up for a long time you simply cannot park it and walk away. There are things you must do to keep the RV protected or you will have a lot of problems with it when you are ready to use it again. Below are two tips so can be sure your RV will be ready to travel when you are. Prepare the RV for Storage

Tips To Move Pest-Free

Moving long distance comes with many challenges, so the last thing you want to do is inadvertently bring pests into your new home. With bedbug infestations on the rise, many people are worried about contracting them. Even a move can be a danger, since this could expose your stuff to an infestation. Beyond bedbugs, there are other pests that can also be a concern during a move, like roaches. The following tips can help you move pest-free.

3 Things To Make Sure Of When You Need To Rent A Temporary Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit is often a solution people look into when they run out of having any usable storage space in their home. While this often means people want to rent a storage unit for a long period of time, this isn't always the case. If you're interested in renting a storage unit and only need to do so for a short period of time, there are several things you need to look into to ensure that you get a great deal and aren't locked into an agreement for a long-term storage unit.

Tips For Helping Your Employees Prepare For An Office Move

If you are moving your business office to a new location, you may wonder what you can do to help your employees as your company prepares for the move. If so, use the tips below to help your workers stay organized and up-to-date throughout the process.  Hold Frequent Meetings More than likely, you have already had an initial meeting informing your employees that the office will be relocating. However, to keep them updated and to ensure that everyone is on the same page with regards to timelines and moving tasks, you should plan on having moving meetings at regular intervals.

What's The Cheapest Way To Move Cross-Country?

When you don't have a lot of money and need to move long-distance from one state to another, finding the cheapest way to do so is probably at the top of your list. However, you have to be careful when looking for moving solutions from this angle, as the cheapest option can cost you big in other ways. Here are three ways you can move cross-country, how much each costs, and things to consider to help you choose the right one for you.

3 Reasons To Hire A Relocation Moving Service When It's Time For A New Office

Is your business planning on moving to a new location in the near future? You likely have a long checklist of things that you'll need to take care of, but one of the most important is figuring out how you are going to move everything into the new building. Thankfully, there are local companies that offer assistance with office relocation moving. Here are three reasons why you should retain the services of such a company today.

Three Tips For Handling Moving Day When Caring For Someone With Dementia

Caring for someone with dementia on a day-to-day basis is stressful enough, but it can be particularly taxing when you're trying to pack, direct movers, and deal with other tasks related to relocating to another home. Here are three things you can do to minimize the strain on you and your loved one when moving day rolls around. Stick to the Schedule Whenever Possible People with dementia need the security of a set schedule to function.