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You never know when you will have to sell your house and move to a new place, but unfortunately, that was what I was faced with a few years back. I realized that I was really having a difficult time making ends meet, and so I started evaluating my options. Moving and relocating was simple, and I was really focused on saving cash. I found a cheaper apartment that worked well for my needs, and I began cutting out extra expenses to pare down the spending. I wanted to start a new website all about moving without the mayhem, so I made this little blog.



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Moving Without The Mayhem

Tips For Helping Your Employees Prepare For An Office Move

by Erika Bell

If you are moving your business office to a new location, you may wonder what you can do to help your employees as your company prepares for the move. If so, use the tips below to help your workers stay organized and up-to-date throughout the process. 

Hold Frequent Meetings

More than likely, you have already had an initial meeting informing your employees that the office will be relocating. However, to keep them updated and to ensure that everyone is on the same page with regards to timelines and moving tasks, you should plan on having moving meetings at regular intervals. Depending on how far away the moving date is, you can set up these meetings to be held once a week. During these initial meetings, you can ask your employees for their feedback on how they feel the move should be organized as well as start assigning individuals to tasks. However, as the date draws nearer, and you are within about a month of moving, you may want to increase the frequency of the meetings to twice a week. During these meetings, you can get reports on how well each task is progressing as well as any help that is required to expedite the process.

Set Deadlines for Certain Individual Tasks

Another thing you can do to make the move more efficient for your office and employees is to set hard deadlines for certain individual tasks. For each of these tasks, you can make the person accountable for their own workstations and designate when things have to be done. For example, for workers who have many personal items at their desk, you can set a deadline two weeks out from the moving date. Not only does this help clear away some of the clutter so that work-related items can be moved, but it also ensures the employee's items are not lost in the shuffle. You can even opt to provide them with boxes to help with this task. After all personal items, you can then set a deadline for a week out when employees should go through all paperwork in their desk files. They can then throw away papers that are no longer needed, then organize the ones left so that they can have a fresh, organized start at the new office.

Using the above tips can help your employees get through the moving process smoothly and efficiently. For more information on preparing your employees and office contents for the move, speak with a representative from the office moving service like Colorado  Hi-Tec Moving & Storage for personalized guidance.